Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nature vs. Nurture

We are born with the wisdom of our ancestors. That is nature... We know that our bodies need constant nutrients. Science and education say they know better with only 1000 years info.  The nurture education we get teaches only scientific superiority. The more plastics we use, the more we deplete our soil and get sick. Burning trees puts nutrients in our soil... What would you trust?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

National Security

Any declaration of emergency  must come under citizen branch review every 6 months. This represents the most precarious situation a nation must deal with internally. Power can be stolen and amassed in a state of emergency... which can create another state of emergency... takeover from within.

Social Responsibility

With automation of industry soon to reach new heights, we must plan our future accordingly. A machine tax should be a topic of debate, so we can provide for displaced workers.  Human contribution must be explored, with artistic expression and community contributions possibly providing social benefits.

The citizens with medical and health impediments that keep them from helping themselves should be provided with mandatory board and care with an eye to giving as satisfying an environment as possible with full time certified caregivers.

Chains of Free Trade

When you buy US made products and services the money stays in our economy. When you outsource, you send your money out of our economy... eventually we run out of cash. Remember Ross Perot... with trade agreements you will hear a great sucking sound... that's the sound of US jobs leaving.... and here we are.

Cancel all trade agreements, reinstate tariffs and post-depression banking regulations. Bring the production and money back.

Security vs. Freedom

Let us secure elections, borders, and privacy. Take no shame in vigilance and activism. Believe in yourself and secure yourself in property and papers. Then become the change you envision... for all Americans.

Our local sheriff's are responsible for internal security. Restrict the federal authorities to the constitution defined responsibilities. Any states that disagree can form a constitutional convention, or secede. You have the right to vote with your feet.

As for freedom... the bill of rights and constitutional amendments still stand. If you harm no one you are to be free of government intrusion. For further freedom, investigate which amendment was never truly ratified.

Become the 4th branch

If you are fed up with corruption and subterfuge make a new habit of calling your representatives in government daily. Become the thorn in their side... support US people, industry and law. The media has relinquished it's role as the 4th estate...  we shall take the role with a fourth branch of government... the citizen's branch.

The New Bull Moose

Let's establish a new Bull Moose party. A party committed to logic, efficiency and transparency... and a covenant with the people, without whom we will fall. Let us be the progressive conservatives.